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Our Mission

To provide high quality, compelling content that increases knowledge, inspires innovation and grows business in Ontario and Canada.



Breeze publishing grew from a need for niche publications in the GTA region. Breeze publications provide advertisers a unique means to attract locals and target them where they live, where they shop and where they play. The goal of all publications are to provide a unique experience where local businesses can provide helpful information about their services and what is available in and around the area where they live. Breeze’s publications provide unique and informative content to both niche and broad markets.


With over 20 years experience in marketing and media research fields, Audra Leslie excels at understanding customer needs, relationship building and collaborating both internally and externally. Audra’s strong analytic knowledge has helped her grow many companies. Audra is passionate about bringing new ideas to life and making current ones work to their full potential.



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Move Magazine Durham’s Business and Lifestyle Magazine has launched!

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Navigate Magazine
Promoting Health and
Wellness for Emergency
Room Professionals.

Launching February 2015